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June 7, 2021

3 Reasons to sell your home now

If you’re thinking of listing your home, there is no better time than the present.

Contact me and we can discuss what to do to get your home ready to list.

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May 4, 2021

May the 4th be with you!

Never tell me the odds - your focus determines your reality, and I am determined to find you the perfect home!

Send me a R2-DM to get started today, and May the 4th be with you!

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May the 4th be with you! 2021

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April 5, 2021

What are closing cost?


Closing costs are sometimes overlooked when buyers figure out their budget -- but they can be significant!

If you need some tips to help prepare for closing, let's talk! #thehelpfulagent #home #houseexpert #house

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April 5, 2021

When is the Right time to sell



The world is your oyster if you’re ready to sell your home. There are fewer homes on the market and demand is high. U.S. home prices are experiencing “the fastest year-over-year climb since 2006”. What are you waiting for? #thehelpfulagent #home #houseexpert #house #listreports #now #thetimeisnow #sellersmarket #homeowner #realestate #realestateagent #realtor #icanhelp

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March 29, 2021

times and the technology have changed


The times and the technology have changed, but real estate agents still love helping people find the perfect cave,

ahem, house.

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Feb. 10, 2021

3-Month Forbearance Extension for FHFA Loans

February 10, 2021

The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced it would allow borrowers with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-backed loans to request an additional three months of forbearance.

Originally, borrowers with federally backed mortgages could request up to 12 months of forbearance if experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But FHFA is now allowing those still struggling to make their mortgage payments to prolong their current forbearance.

Eligibility for the three-month extension is limited to borrowers who are on a current COVID-19 forbearance plan as of Feb. 28. If granted, that means a borrower who has a government loan could now have up to 15 months total of missed and delayed mortgage payments.

FHFA also announced on Tuesday that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were extending the moratoriums on single-family foreclosures and real estate owned (REO) evictions until March 31. The moratoriums were originally set to expire on Feb. 28.

The foreclosure moratorium applies to government-backed, single-family mortgages only. The REO moratorium applies to properties that Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae have acquired through foreclosure or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure transactions.

“To keep families in their home during the pandemic, FHFA is allowing borrowers to be in COVID-19 forbearance for up to 15 months and extending [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s] foreclosure and eviction extension,” says Mark Calabria, director of FHFA.


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Jan. 5, 2021

Prepping Your Home for Sale

Maximize Curb Appeal
Getting them through the front door starts at the curb. Manicure the lawn, trim the trees and shrubs. Pull weeds and plant some colorful flowers. Clear the walkways. Fix peeling paint and wind up that hose. Paint the address number on the curb.

Make Repairs to Visible Blemishes
Is there something that’s an eyesore, but an easy fix? If looking at it bothers you, it could bother a potential buyer and reduce the appeal of your home. Replace burnt out light bulbs, fix that loose door handle, make needed paint touch-ups.

Make a Buyer’s Entrance Inviting
Freshly paint the front door with a color that contrasts the house. Add a new welcome mat. Hang a fresh wreath on the door.

Let the Light Shine In
Removing heavy window coverings to let in the natural light we all crave. Add lamps to brighten up darker areas to add more cheer.

Remove the Clutter
This serves two purposes. First, you want your home to have an open and inviting appearance. Removing clutter will make rooms appear larger and more appealing. Second, it helps YOU prepare to move. Going through the clutter and getting rid of what you don’t need will make your move much easier.

Remove Personal Items
It will be much easier for a potential buyer to imagine your home as theirs when they can envision their own items in it.

Highlight Special Features
Use accents and color to draw eyes to special features that you want potential buyers to notice—throw pillows, plants or other eye-catching accessories.

Add Mirrors
Use mirrors to make rooms look larger and lighter. Position opposite windows for best effect.

Clean Out Cabinets and Closets
Buyers are nosy and they WILL open the cabinets. Make sure your contents are orderly and organized.

Eliminate Odors
Clean to remove any odors and do not cook any meals with heavy, lasting smells before a showing.

Add Aromas
You can easily add appeal by quartering an orange and adding it to a pot of water with a cinnamon stick. Simmer on low for an inviting aroma. Or bake a fresh batch of cookies (and leave a plate of them on the counter for visitors).


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July 31, 2017

Curious About Local Real Estate?

Receive the Latest Local Market Stats

Curious about local real estate? So are we! Every month we review trends in our real estate market and consider the number of homes on the market in each price tier, the amount of time particular homes have been listed for sale, specific neighborhood trends, the median price and square footage of each home sold and so much more. We’d love to invite you to do the same!

Get Local Market Reports Sent Directly to You

You can sign up here to receive your own market report, delivered as often as you like! It contains current information on pending, active and just sold properties so you can see actual homes in your neighborhood. You can review your area on a larger scale, as well, by refining your search to include properties across the city or county. As you notice price and size trends, please contact us for clarification or to have any questions answered.

We can definitely fill you in on details that are not listed on the report and help you determine the best home for you. If you are wondering if now is the time to sell, please try out our INSTANT home value tool. You’ll get an estimate on the value of your property in today’s market. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon as you get to know our neighborhoods and local real estate market better.

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